The walls of private homes

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What material is best to choose to build a private house, that he was not just the walls, and fell under the definition of a comfortable home? Because of this crisis, many citizens can not afford to buy a ready-made house, but to buy land for its construction as they can. Construction of private houses is now a wide variety of building and roofing materials: brick, wood (lumber, logs), lightweight concrete (foam concrete, aerated concrete, keramsit, etc.), tile, roofing material, are used as building blocks and mounting of the grid. If you have yet to decide which of the same building, the choice you have – very large! And yet we must remember that all building materials for walls have advantages and disadvantages related to the thermal conductivity, and acoustic permeability nadezhnosti. Steny house, lined with brick, are perhaps the most common. This is not surprising: Brick is durable, there is little exposed to external destructive natural factors (it is fireproof, resistant to pests and rodents), it is durable. As a reliable floor brickwork used reinforced concrete slabs. The small size of the brick allows him to build the most intricate designs – the walls of the house can have round turrets, wings, etc. Refractoriness brick walls makes it possible to install in a house fire. Brick wall heat capacity, ie, in the summer in a house will not be sorry, and in winter – not cold. However, Brick has such a property, as the absorption of moisture. Because of this life bezremontny brick house is about 25-30 years. The foundation for such a house should be run and to be deeply osnovatelnym. Steny of lightweight concrete (foam and aerated) can save money and time resources: they quickly erected a brick and they are much cheaper. Among the other advantages of lightweight concrete can call it a fire-resistance and good resistance to decay and insects. The blocks are handled very easily, which makes it possible to erect the walls of any configuration, they have low heat capacity, that is, the house will warm quickly and easily. But, like a brick, lightweight concrete absorbs moisture, in addition, this material is also krupok can deform, crack, so the foundation under it should be put tape or a concrete slab-bag.

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